Paella Parties

Full-Service Paella Party with a chef that comes to you!

Looking for your own personal chef to cook at your event? Have a Paella Party!

With our full service paella party, our paellas are freshly prepared from scratch on-site using traditional cooking techniques and ingredients of the highest quality available. From idea to execution, we personalize our services to fit your style and budget, and assure you that your event will be memorable and delicious. 

We provide the equipment, the food, the chef (plus assistant(s) depending on party size) to cook the paella(s) at your event. Expand your menu with starters, salads or slow cooked meats. Spend your time enjoying the party with your guests and let us take care of the food. A no-mess, no-stress option for your next party.

How do Paella Parties work?

We will arrive 1hr – 1.5 hours prior to your preferred service or eating time to set up and begin cooking. We are completely self sufficient and don’t even require electricity! Just show us where you would like us to prepare your paella and we’ll do the rest – either indoors or outdoors.  We can cook anywhere since we use propane tanks to heat our traditional paella pans.

Our minimum order is 15 people for full service. Our minimum pan size serves 10. We can service up to 300 people and even have a paella pan that serves 100 people out of one pan. Intimate or large parties, we’ve got you covered!  

The chef can cook up to 3 different paellas at any given time. So for parties of 20 or more, there’s no need to choose just one. Go ahead and mix it up! Make sure to check out our menu options to view all of the delicious options we have available.  

Once our team is done cooking, we will prepare the table and serve your guests.  We’ll then clean and pack up our station and leave it like we were never there. There’s no time limit on a Paella Party, we’re there for as long as you need us. However, the average time from arrival to breakdown and departure is between 4-5 hours at your event.

Our empanadas and taquenos are also prepared fresh on site, lightly fried and served with a selection of delicious homemade sauces.  If those are part of the order, we require 1-1.5 hours before the paella serving time to ensure the chef has enough time to prepare.    The cheese & charcuterie board is assembled in advance and brought to the party.  The salads are prepared in advance but tossed and displayed on site.  The slow cooked meats are prepared in advance and then freshly sliced on site. 

Our service area

For full on-site paella parties, we travel throughout all of CT and cover most of the NYC metro areas of NY & NJ. This includes New York City, Westchester, Dutchess, Putnam and Ulster counties, Nassau County, and Northern New Jersey.   Please feel free to contact us if you’re outside those areas to check rates. There is an additional onsite service fee depending on the number of guests, and the final menu chosen.

Additional services

We can offer eco-friendly bamboo disposable plates, bowls, and cutlery if you wish at an additional cost. We do not offer reusable or any “Real” plateware, cutlery, napkins, or glassware.    

Not interested in having your own personal paella chef on site? We can deliver pre-made paella to you instead, check out our paella catering service.

Paella Party